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Da Jammies

Da Jammies centers on groups of kids who attend a performing arts school where they struggle to balance real-life issues with their dreams of making it as entertainers. With a singular focus of becoming a highly accessible and entertaining brand that stays grounded in its socially conscious roots, Da Jammies is poised to expand and evolve into a leader in a highly desirable yet under-exploited urban youth market.

Each episode of Da Jammies brings a message of unity; as the lively characters; Novelist, Dolla, MoMo, LaLa, and Seven face many of life’s trials and tribulations.

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Co Created by: Aulsondro Novelist Hamilton and William Dolla Chapman

Gama Entertainment

Executive Director: Galen Walker

Cosmic Toast

CEO: Deb Pearson

Black Tree TV

Founder: Jamal Finkley

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Bright ideas and a fresh perspective are at the heart of your team of writers and illustrators.

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